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What to expect when purchasing

a hand forged item 

When purchasing a custom hand forged item in person, direct via email, or on our store you you may be asked many questions to ensure you are getting exactly what you are dreaming of.

In most cases once a design and budget is spoke about a sketch will be supplied for approval and on large jobs a sample may also be created after the deposit it made. This is at the discretion of the artist. 

This is art so the design sketch is a close resemblance to the final item but may not follow exact. Any changes made by the client or major changes by the artist may change the final cost.

Minor changes are to be expected.

All prices are estimates and due to the nature of this craft, final prices may vary from the original number. If your project falls into this category it will be disclosed at the start of the job.

 Payment is needed prior creating any item. The requested payment may be in full or a deposit will be given depending on the scope of the piece. This is at the artists discretion. 

True hand forged items take time to create your lead time is dependent on your item and current work load, if you are needing an item by a certain time please let us know at the start of your order to ensure the possibility or lack there of an on time delivery. 

All items no matter how large or small are shippable. Shipping will be an additional cost and shipping times are not guaranteed. You are also welcome to pick up items in person. We do not currently install items so there is no guarantee any installation of the purchased item 

All metals naturally have various textures and colorations to them. When you hand forge any metal you enhance its texture and color. A hammered or scaled texture is considered desirable in this craft. The texture and coloration will vary from piece to piece. Your look will be determined by many known and unknown elements making your piece truly one of a kind.

Remember you are buying a metal item. All types of metal will rust or patina over time if left to its own devises, So maintenance may be needed in the future depending on how and where you item is kept. We coat our hand forged items with either a clear coat protection, a local bees wax ,or let it patina naturally. You may be given a preference depending on your item.

When purchasing a custom hand forged iron item whether it be in person, on our store, or direct via email you are agreeing to all terms on our store and all online sources linked to us. By purchasing a custom item by Clark, you are also agreeing to the artistic interpretation

of your item which may include but is not limited to size, shape,

detail, design, font, style, technique, material, color, texture, ect. 

If we have not covered a question here please contact us !

We look forward to working with you 


Clark The Blacksmith   


Looking to purchase a custom item? 

1. Contact me direct , contact page

2. We will discuss design, material, size, color, budget, ect. So have as much info of what you might be looking for available when you contact.

3. I look forward to working with you on a design or idea!